Leadership services

Leadership Assessment

  • help reduce the risk of hiring mistakes when hiring leaders
  • design more effective recruitment & hiring processes for hiring leaders
  • define leadership requirements for recruitment, promotion, & succession planning situations
  • design competency-based behavioral interviews to enhance the interview process
  • assess the effectiveness of leaders
  • provide methodologies to increasing objectivity in assessing & hiring leaders

Leadership Development

  • design and establish bespoke leadership development programmes
  • help junior leaders in heightening their effectiveness
  • build leadership structures
  • teach leadership courses in leadership development programmes
  • Assist in identifying ‘Halo’ and ‘Horn’ effects

Team Effectiveness

  • help in building team cohesion

Organisational planning

  • develop succession plans and identify high potential leaders
  • provide coaching and motivation for leaders

Executive interaction

  • design and establish effective communication channels for the executive board and their CEOs