Leadership Services

I have 25 years experience in leadership consulting. In the crux of today’s non-stop competitive demands, shifting market dynamics and continually increasing customer expectations, the organisations that will be most successful are those that have the right people in the top leadership roles working effectively together, an organisational culture that is aligned with the strategic direction of the business, and a commitment to developing the leaders needed for the future.

I offer the following leadership services:

Leadership Assessment

  • help reduce the risk of hiring mistakes when hiring leaders
  • design more effective recruitment & hiring processes for hiring leaders
  • define leadership requirements for recruitment, promotion, & succession planning situations
  • design competency-based behavioral interviews to enhance the interview process
  • assess the effectiveness of leaders
  • provide methodologies to increasing objectivity in assessing & hiring leaders

Leadership Development

  • design and establish bespoke leadership development programmes
  • help junior leaders in heightening their effectiveness
  • build leadership structures
  • teach leadership courses in leadership development programmes
  • Assist in identifying ‘Halo’ and ‘Horn’ effects

Team Effectiveness

  • help build team cohesion

Organisational Planning

  • develop succession plans and identify high potential leaders
  • provide coaching and motivation for leaders

Executive Assistance

design and establish effective communication channels for the executive board and their CEOs