Vertical Vengeance

by Alan H Cree 23.07.2020

Chapter One – The Generalmajor

Page 1

Oberst Claus E Rosenfeld is at home, sitting down drinking his coffee. He removes his shoes and tie, but not his jacket. He is watching his 4 year-old boy play ‘cars’ in the room’s corner, staring, appreciating his innocence. Claus sighs, puts his coffee cup down, stands up and walks across to the large doorway next to the kitchen. Once there, he reaches into his trouser pocket and removes a packet of chewing gum, his favourite. He blanks out the noise and starts thinking. Thinking about himself, his wife and his family. All is good, they are six years married, he reflects on how he and his wife had met, he had just been promoted to the rank of Oberst; not long after they were pregnant with Sigmund. He deems his little family unit, at that moment, as his perfect dream.

His wife returns from the kitchen.

“What do you think we should do?”

“I trust and support you whatever the decision darling.”

“It might be for the best, for the three of us.”

“Don’t include us in this Claus, you’ve always been left to navigate your own career, you know I’m left to decide on everything else – you proudly inform everyone that I’m your ‘Chefin’, isn’t that right dear?”

“But it’s not fair on Sigmund. He has no option but to live his life with the consequence of this decision.”

Page 2

She remarks, “If you decide this to be no opportunity for us and if there is a chance to refuse, then refuse and stay where you are. You could be done with all of this stress, making it available for someone else, without family, to take it.”

“Young Fritz is ‘chomping at the bit’ to assume my current spot, that change is long overdue, it’s unfair of us to delay him any longer. Sigmund is of our stock, he will understand that we couldn’t refuse, and naturally it doesn’t have to be forever.”

“We!” she exclaims. With a fleeting roll of her eyes she teases, “Well, if it makes you feel better that this is recorded in our family history as a joint decision, then here’s my advice: While staying in your current job would keep you happy, you’ve always been driven by a greater sense of purpose. This new position definitely offers you that, my only concern is whether ‘old-you-know-who’ will definitely retire this time.” Claus’s expression drops upon hearing her concern, she makes a valid point as this was not the first time this particular opportunity had come around. Last time ‘old-you-know-who’, who was supposed to be retiring, had a change of heart.

Next morning Rosenfeld sits behind his desk, while preparing for today’s daily tasks, he momentarily stares at the shaft of sunlight coming through the window, it contains a collection of dancing flecks of dust.

Page 3

The internal telephone buzzes, Claus ignores it and continues to stare at the dancing particles. Eventually each speck comes to rest on the floor, lying still. He is calm, his eyes are closed and his mind is slipping into a delightful inner peace. The internal phone buzzes again, this time jolting him wide awake, he slowly lifts the receiver.

“It’s taken you long enough to answer.” It is Generalmajor (Retd) Johannes Von Wieser, the Ambassador-at-large (Special Advisor). Wieser is never one to relax. “Rosenfeld, be in my office in ten minutes, no later.”

Would you like to read more?

I have provided just a quick insight into the beginning of this book. If you like the style, the content and would like to know more about the story, post a comment or contact me directly via email or via my contact page on this site.

I am interested in all critics, I believe there is always room for improvement. All I ask is, if you think others might be interested in this espionage thriller, then please inform them about it, so they can check it out too. If I generate enough interest I will gladly post more of the book on this site for free.

Best of luck to everyone in your endeavours, and best of health too.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Alan H Cree.

6 thoughts on “Vertical Vengeance”

  1. The response has been great. All I can hope for is that you share this excerpt to allow others the chance of reading it, if not that’s fine too. I am thankful for those who have already read, commented and provided constructive criticism. Wishing you all the best of Irish luck. If I can help return the generosity, let me know, I am happy to help others and share their stuff on social media. Thanks, stay safe. Alan

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  2. Hey Alan. Thanks much for following my blog. As you may be aware I have a weekly Serendipity Itinerary post and I’ve just placed you in the draft of next week’s in the interest of more people finding your work. There’s deceptive simplicity of intensity that feels to build through each successive page I read. I don’t simply respect that, I own that I like to support substance rather than gimmick. And, this is no gimmick. Yes, there’s a bit of formula, though heck, even original work has a formula after someone deduces the new structure.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to you presence on Serendipity Itineraries next week… unless of course you (reasons are unreasonable) do not want to be featured there. If I don;t hear from you, then no news will be good news, and I’ll keep you in. Again, keep up your work, your way.

    Jordan Hoggard

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  3. Alan,
    Currently, I have your entry on “Serendipity Itineraries crafted as such:

    Alan Houston Cree ~ Cree Solutions. A veteran turned author – Genre: Espionage. Check out Alan’s new novel in progress, and he has a solid exploration track though his interests. Substance explored. Resonates with my reasons can be wholly unreasonable. There is a Serendipity Itinerary of sorts provided as he follows where his interests takes hem, actionably. Excellent metaphor and analogy for like regardless of topic agreement or not. Check out his site for some serendipity specific to the work he is producing.

    Links to your blog are embedded in your name and as well in the last sentence. I understand all too well how much work goes into marketing one’s work over and above actually producing it. Let me know if you’d like the above edited in any way to more congruent to your messaging, and I will be happy to edit it to accommodate.

    I laugh that some people have often expressed they don’t believe in all that Tarot and Astrology crap, and, as an Architect as well, I typically respond, “Cool. I don’t believe in either of those as well any more than I believe in my range or fridge, yet on a typical day I utilize all of them to nourish me. Simply saying that as I am a firm believer in community, and community composed of work that has substance. There’s rarely any accounting for taste, so promoting substance that may by dual and/or inclusive though certainly not divisive Is my over-arching gig.

    Let me know if you want the above description leading to your blog re-tooled in any way, and I will be happy to do so.

    Serendipity Itineraries are typically published on Friday early in the day so all those people in Oz who are 16 hours in the future across that Pond already into their weekend can enjoy them across their weekend as well.

    Let me know of any edits you’d like. Thanks much.

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