Bitcoin price, gold and why is there a leap year?

bank-bars-close-up-366551.jpgDid you know the most asked question on Google is, ‘Why is there a leap year?’. The second most searched question was, ‘Why is the sky blue?’. Both of these questions top the polls according to digital marketing and research site, Mondovo, but why is important to know this?

Organisation’s spend a lot of money trying to attract you to their product. They try to attract you using alluring advertisements and headlines. Look at the headlines I use for my articles, rarely they match the article content, why? I try my best to create interesting headlines, I am slightly curious if it attracts or deters readers from approaching, but I make sure not to lose too much sleep over it. Writing and publishing any kind of article is always personal.

adult-bitcoin-blockchain-1037915.jpgOn social media, many content writers wonder why their posts receive little exposure. When I read their online concerns I immediately think of novelist, Rosamunde Pilcher. Her stories have been watched by millions every Friday night across Germany, a love drama there is commonly known as a ‘Pilcher’, after the author. ZDF German TV have broadcast her romantic television adaptations since 1993, although she wrote and published her first book way back in 1949, amazingly it wasn’t until 1987 that her career breakthrough really happened, when she wrote the family drama The Shell Seekers. It was her, wait for it, fourteenth novel produced in her own name, she had ghost wrote other books before that!


More so, we have become used to instant gratification and heavily focused on gaining stardom. While chasing the quick win, it is easy to forget the harsh reality that it takes a lot of factors to get something perfectly right. Often success only happens to a small percentage of people and usually after many painstaking years of trial and persistence. Actually for some, fame and success may never come, and for others it may come relatively easily and quickly. The experience is entirely unique, completely individual and usually requires a very special elusive element, perhaps a lot of luck too.

To avoid disappointment in any task, one can do their tasks purely for self-gratification or because they want to do it for others’ benefit. One should not be searching for likes or approval when doing a task, yet social media is full of like requests.antique-books-design-256450

I blog because it makes me happy to share my views on a topic. I feel it is important for me to create and receive impulse through writing and reading. I often question whether I want someone to type their thoughts about my articles and my very personal opinion is this:

I believe that 85% of the comments written online could be saved altogether, I think a lot of comments people make online actually waste server space. Many single word acknowledgements could be omitted. Do I need to know you like the post, especially when there is no dislike capability offered? Disliking something is fine too, as long as an explanation accompanies the negative otherwise it might be taken in the wrong context.

How would you feel, if in the future, you were told we cannot have anymore technology as there is a worldwide server space problem? Would you regret any comment you have typed to date? Hypothetical query I know, but I think it is a useful consideration for today’s social media world.

Creating human interaction, meaningful conversation and providing impulse is what most writers want, in relation to their work – they wish to create meaningful substance. If we can create human dialogue, preferably spoken in person, about our topics this is a great achievement. It beats typing on a computer alone, doesn’t it. It might also prevent many ill-considered comments quickly offered by confrontational individuals.

Naturally it is nice to know when content makes a difference (if online is the only available forum for the comments then one must use it) but it is just as important for an article to go without comment on occasion, this offers a necessary impulse for the writer too.

chef-dinner-drink-1655329.jpgI have made a curious observation, us humans are primarily social creatures but many individuals fear talking to others or refrain from personal interaction and would rather sit behind their keyboards to provide typed comment, etc.

Please speak to one another, use your phone to converse, rather than text and do make video – be seen and heard. These are just my very personal opinions, please feel free to discuss and argue about my views. I encourage it, I welcome it, everyone should find their own voice and talent and be consequent, i.e. be prepared to stand up for what you believe, stand by what you say and stay true to the actions and decisions you take at all times.

I leave you with my very favourite quote of all time:

‘Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do’. Pele.

If you are in the Munich area and want to discuss any of the articles or their content, contact me, I am happier conversing face-to-face.

by: Alan Houston Cree