Blog Post Top Tip – The Pink Panther


The Pink Panther has been on our screens for almost 60 years. Peter Sellers created the bumbling inspector Clouseau, his comedy genius transformed the Pink Panther into an unforgettable classic movie. Despite having a humourful persona on set, Sellers was rumoured to be difficult to work with. Blake Edwards had at one point publicly vowed never to work with Sellers again. Luckily the movies enjoyed success and the studio managed to convince both of them to collaborate again and surprisingly on more than one occasion. Edwards and Sellers were both masters in their respective fields however they were opposites in their approach. The director had been meticulously planned and ordered whereas the actor was a creative and free spirit often submerging himself into a role – a method actor. Once Sellers stayed in full character (playing an Indian Doctor in the 1960 movie, ‘The Millionairess’) for a total of six months post production.

Sellers was also famous for arguing that criticism should be given, only by trained and impassioned critics. I wonder what he would make of today’s very open critical society. Today’s social media now affords each one of us the opportunity to criticise about every single topic under the sun. Why bother discussing the Pink Panther and Peter Sellers at all?

In his portrayal of Clouseau, Sellers had spawned a viral element towards Clouseau and the Pink Panther series and he had also very openly discussed his reaction to unqualified/ untrained criticism on several occasions even against the film media. Understanding how to create viral content and handle online criticism is vital in any attempt to make money from online writing/ blogging.

There are many types of diamond, which one represents the audience the best?

You want to earn money, you desire your blog content to go viral (creating targeted diamond content – top tip). There are many factors to consider prior to targeting an audience with your content:

  • How many and who specifically are you addressing with your content?
  • Have you identified the best medium to reach your audience?
  • Are you providing a solution to a specific industry problem?
  • Have you created content that will capture audience attention?
  • Have you strategically planned the approach?

There are many factors to creating succinctly targeted digital content for monetary gains but discussing all of them is beyond the scope of this article. There is a plenty of money to be gained, the industry’s finiancials are predicted to reach $800Bn by 2020, with digital media accounting for approx. 50% of that sum.

If you desire to make money by writing a blog, your main focus should remain on providing benefit to the audience and less on the financial aspect. Knowledgeable targeted articles gain higher traffic and offer the best chance of financial return but be aware that digital advertising tends not to bring in such high returns.

When you search for answers or expert advice, is your first point of contact online? Do you use Google or Wiki, etc? It can be quicker and more convenient to search online for information rather than physically going to a library, finding the right book and then searching through the entire document for an answer but one must consider the accuracy of the supplied information on either forum prior to using and totally believing.

My advice to creating good content is:

Arm yourself with good humour, an excellent storyline, believeable characters, honest and/or helpful content and most of all, positivity.

The Pink Panther movies (content) generate global interest because Clouseau is the unintentional hero of the story and the movie contains something for everyone. Inspector Clouseau is unassuming yet he, albiet by luck, outwits all of the bad guys, everytime. Following a good formula, you can create an excellent opportunity for success and just like Peter Sellers did, I implore you to ignore the critics, please continue to trust and believe that everything is possible when you work hard, with the right intentions.

Attempting to make money without offering something worthwhile in return – usually fails.

Previously I saw a job as a Marketing Strategist for a global car manufacturer and considered applying. Prior to my application I considered what would be my Unique Selling Point (USP), the targeted content I would use to be successfully hired. This was my pitch:

The advertising campaign would be centred around several different european holiday destinations for a 3-generation extended family:

The Grandparents (Charlie and Suzy) would choose a classic model relying less on technology and more on good old-fashioned map reading skills to reach their destination.

Son and his wife (Charles and Pat) would choose a cabroliet, with medium level technics Satnav, etc but not too much technics and bring a map as backup.

Daughter and her husband (Vanessa and Herbie) would choose an estate with some similar technics/ possibly a Hybrid car with no backup plan.

Grandson and Granddaughter (Teddy and Marie) in a fully equipped modern e-car with complete technics.

They would all compete against each other to reach the holiday destination first, showing us each of the benefits of each car. I even created a slogan such as: ‘Making cars for every generation’.

I decided against applying in the end. Why?, while I am able to think creatively, my area of specialty is efficiency management/ strategic operations and I thought perhaps it is better I leave strategic marketing to those who really excel in it. The most successful people become experts in their fields because they tend to stick to the subjects that they know, have a passion for and are keen to share with others.

It is easy to chase the dollar when doing something, financial motivation is usually a strong motivator but being motivated by passion in my opinion, is the strongest motivator one can have.

Do what you love, the rest will come with a bit of trust.


olga-milovich-54c0YDYexgg-unsplashI leave you with an amazing true event, a true digital pioneer Amanda Hocking. She tried for many years to get her books published without success. In 2012, there was a Jim Henson, Muppet convention that she desperately wanted to attend but could not afford. With a good idea and strong hope/ desire/ passion, she decided to sell one of her previously rejected books online, via Amazon. She did this in the hope that her family would be kind enough to assist her by buying some copies. Hocking sold more than a couple, she quickly sold 150,000 copies and went on to sell over 1.5 million copies and is now a millionairess.

Amanda Hocking’s idea led to the creation of self-publishing and paved the way for many others. Keep writing, stay hopeful and good things will eventually happen and if they don’t, then please enjoy and have fun along the way.

Remember: Strange things happen, often at the most unexpected time.

by: Alan Houston Cree