Practicing crisis management during a crisis is way too late

Hi there, I’m Alan Houston Cree.

I’m an efficiency manager, consultant, and writer operating globally, living in Munich, Bavaria. I am interested in sport, economics and world history. I’m also the founder of the Global Veterans Society.

My primary focus revolves around operational efficiency and business strategy. I extensively teach others how to lead, develop new strategy and how to develop new leaders.

I have been managing global projects and directly leading others since I was 22 years old. I am experienced in crisis management, leadership and program/project management. In 2009, I received one of the highest accolades for Operational Excellence from Queen Elizabeth II.

I believe a healthy and happy life requires positivity and maintaining a daily sport routine. I have an inquisitive learning nature and a high tolerance for change and the requirement to communicate changes.

I enjoy public speaking and have been fortunate to mentor others on their leadership journey. I regularly run leadership and motivation workshops and webinars.

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